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Motorcycle Engine Treatment

Modern motorcycle engines are high compression, high performance engines that operate at high engine revolutions and generate a lot of heat. This increases the potential for damage and performance loss due to friction. Microlon has a formulation for these engines that boosts performance and helps them last longer. Every motorcycle engine can benefit greatly from a one-time Microlon treatment.

Microlon Engine Treatment Instructions

Engine Treatment
Microlon Motorcyle Engine Treatment
MIL contains the highest quality cleaning agents, corrosion inhibitors and antioxidants. These ingredients combine to prepare the pore structure to receive the Microlon Metal Treatment and provide lasting protection.

Use MIL in all engines: 4-stroke, 2-stroke, diesel, automotive, recreational and commercial vehicles, marine vessels and heavy equipment (including farming, industrial and construction).
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Microlon Motorcyle Engine Treatment
Microlon CL-100 was developed primarily for use in aircraft engines (accepted in 1979 by the FAA for use in aircraft engines of up to 1000 cubic inch displacement, but is also considered the premium automotive treatment. Like its counterpart, Microlon Engine Treatment, this formulation is thoroughly compatible with fuels and oils. Due to its chemically more sophisticated ingredients, CL-100 forms an exceptionally hard film that is a necessity when dealing with dramatic temperature variations, harsh operating conditions and high performance demands. CL-100 also provides maximum protection against corrosion during periods of non-use.
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Both Microlon Engine Treatment (for standard engines) and Microlon CL-100 (for high performance engines) reduce friction inside the engine which increases performance, gives better fuel economy and lowers maintenance costs.

Wheel Bearing Grease
Microlon Wheel Bearing Grease
Microlon Wheel Bearing Grease is formulated to provide a smooth, friction-free ride. It improves the performance of your wheel bearings, treating all metal surfaces with a durable, micro-thin super-lubricant suspended in a superior grease. You only need to treat your wheel bearings once to reduce maintenance and extend their life.
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Microlon Wheel Bearing Grease improves performance and provides a smooth, friction-free ride.

Aerosol Treatment
Microlon Aerosol
Microlon Aerosol contains the highest quality cleaning agents, corrosion inhibitors and antioxidants in an easy to use spray can, which allows access to hard to reach places. These ingredients combine to prepare the pore structure to receive the Microlon Metal Treatment and provide lasting protection.

The aerosol treatment is simple and easy to apply. Just simply spray on mechanical device for smoother operation. Typical applications include fishing reels, bicycle gears, hinges, garage door roller hubs, metal window tracks, filing cabinet and desk tracks, in short, anywhere friction is a nuisance.

Because Microlon Aerosol contains the cleansing agents, it may be harmful to paint finishes and rubber or plastic parts. Do not use on painted surfaces or on rubber or plastic parts. If the spray comes in contact with those surfaces, wipe away with a clean cloth.

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Easy-to-use aerosol with Microlon's friction-reducing and corrosion inhibiting formula for hard to reach places.

Precision Oiler
Precision Oiler
Microlon Precision Oiler lubricates and easily penetrates to prevent rust and wear. The Oiler holds the Microlon resin which is blended with a lightweight machine oil, perfect for small applications. This product does not have the cleansing agents that other Microlon products have, so it can be used on different equipment than the engine treatment.

The Microlon resin is small enough to be forced into the pore structure of metal and other surfaces. When the Microlon film forms on the metal surface, that surface is then protected from elements that create corrosion, such as dirt, grit, grime and oxygen. The film also helps make clean up easier.

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Small pinpoint accurate application for any small surface to reduce friction and provide protection