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Marine Engine Treatment

Marine engines are under 100% load 90% of the time (because they're required to "push" so hard against the resistance of water). Compare this to car engines which are typically at 100% load only 10% of the time (only when accelerating hard or going up a steep hill). Therefore, marine engines are under far more stress and are more subject to wear. Microlon's engine treatments work by reducing friction inside the engine and help it to operate more efficiently.

Microlon Engine Treatment Instructions

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Compound 90
Microlon C90
Microlon Compound 90 is a specially formulated metal treatment for manual transmissions and differentials. It reduces performance-robbing and wear-causing friction on gears and other metal surfaces.

Compound 90 treats the metal surfaces with a durable micro-thin dry super-lubricant film for reduced friction and noticeably smoother operation.

It also protects against corrosion and scale. You only need to treat your manual transmission or differential once to reduce maintenance and extend their life.
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Microlon C-90 reduces friction for smoother operation.

Microlon Engine Treatment
Microlon Engine Treatment
Microlon Engine Treatment works by reducing friction inside of your engine and helps it to operate more efficiently. An engine that has been Microlon-treated will save you real dollars by reducing wear and tear, increasing fuel economy, and lowering maintenance costs. An engine that operates more efficiently will feel more powerful. Since Microlon’s Engine Treatment is a one-time treatment, you can enjoy the benefits of a smoother, more powerful vehicle from a one-time investment. Use Microlon’s Engine Treatment in all engines: 4-stroke, 2-stroke, diesel, automotive, recreational and commercial vehicles, marine vessels and heavy equipment (including farming, industrial and construction).
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Microlon Engine Treatment reduces friction inside the engine which increases performance, gives better fuel economy and lowers maintenance costs.