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Gun Treatment

These Microlon products have been developed to be used on all firearms in place of normal gun oil and will increase muzzle velocity and performance, also will improve accuracy and consistency. They also help reduce wear from friction, cause smoother operation of all moving parts and prevent rust and corrosion.

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Microlon Gun Juice Instructions

Sportsman's Kit
Microlon Sportsman's Kit
Microlon Sportsman's Kit contains Microlon Gun Juice for cleaning and treating your firearms. It is far superior to ordinary gun oils and increases muzzle velocity and accuracy . It protects against rust and corrosion but does not attract dirt or lint which can damage your barrel.
The kit also contains a tube of Microlon Assembly Lube for use on fishing reels, pocket knives, outdoor equipment and anywhere there is are movintg metal parts or metal-to-metal contact. The assembly lube reduces friction, smooths operation and protects against rust and corrosion.

This kit contains a 1 oz. bottle of Liquid Gun Juice and a 3/4 oz. Assembly Lube.
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Gun Juice Dry Film Lubricant
Microlon Gun Juice
Microlon Gun Juice cleans and treats your firearms. It is far superior to oils because it provides excellent lubrication and is a "Dry Film" lubricant that will not attract dirt, dust or grit which can permanently damage a firearm. It increases muzzle velocity, improves accuracy and consistency, reduces wear from friction and prevents rust and corrosion.
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Gun Juice increases muzzle velocity and improves accuracy and consistency.

Assembly Lubricant
Microlon Assembly Lube
Microlon Assembly Lubricant should be used on all moving parts during assembly. Lightly coat all bearings, shafts, bushings, sleeves, piston rings, ring lands, pistons, cylinder bores, wrist pins, valve stems, valve guides, timing chains, gears, camshaft lobes, rocker arms, pushrod ends and anywhere metal-to metal contact occurs. This Lubricant also provides excellent rust and corrosion protection for long-term storage after assembly. It will not run off during storage and protects against dry-starts when the unit is returned to service. Because Microlon reduces friction in close fits, it will prevent many seizing and galling problems.
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For lubricating all moving parts during assembly to protect against rust and corrosion

Aerosol Treatment
Microlon Aerosol
Microlon Aerosol contains the highest quality cleaning agents, corrosion inhibitors and antioxidants in an easy to use spray can, which allows access to hard to reach places.  Simply spray on mechanical device for smoother operation. Typical applications include fishing reels, bicycle gears, hinges, garage door roller hubs, metal window tracks, filing cabinet and desk tracks, in short, anywhere friction is a nuisance.

Because Microlon Aerosol contains the cleansing agents, it may be harmful to paint finishes and rubber or plastic parts. Do not use on painted surfaces or on rubber or plastic parts. If the spray comes in contact with those surfaces, wipe away with a clean cloth.

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Easy-to-use aerosol with Microlon's friction-reducing and corrosion inhibiting formula for hard to reach places.